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Free Lightroom Preset Ice Cream

Free Lightroom Preset French Macaron

“French Macaron” Free Preset Courtesy of When you’re a natural light photographer, you don’t always have the luxury of choosing the right light for your photos. For example: If you’re shooting a wedding and the couple decided to schedule their ceremony at 12:00 noon, you can’t ask them to move it to 5:00 pm. Or, if you’re traveling and you happen to come across something you want to capture but it’s mid-day.  Sure…you could wait around for a few hours, or come back when the light is more even, but what if you’re only there for short period of time? “French Macarons” will make up for what you’re camera lacks in post editing. Tone down those harsh highlights and bring out the beauty in your shot! Fall in love with this beautiful one click preset from Let’s get chic!

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