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Free Lightroom Preset Parisian Doors

“Parisian Doors” Free Preset Courtesy of ChicPresets.comOne of the many beautiful things to photograph in Paris (there are so many to choose from) are the colorful Parisian doors that you will find all over the city. I found this one on a random street in the 7th district. The French have a real knack for architecture and elegance! If you were to come across this doorway anywhere else in the world, you might think it was an entrance to a palace or something of royal importance. In Paris, beautiful scenes like this are just par for the course! I wanted to make a preset that would compliment the stone and intricate carvings in the shot. “Parisian Doors” will boost your whites, darken your blacks and give you a hint of split toning. Thus giving you a chalky look that’s great for cement backgrounds and natural elements like wood and steel. Fall in love with this beautiful one click preset from Let’s get chic!


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